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Opportunities for adult parishioners to grow in their faith are offered in the parish throughout the year. These small group sessions offer a variety of topics for discussion. Currently, we have the following Adult Faith Formation study groups:

Bible Study

Adult Bible Study on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Parish Room 107b. This group follows the school calendar and uses video based instruction followed by discussion questions. The video series to be shown for each new study is determined by the group. The group just finished studying "The Bible and the Virgin Mary" and will soon begin a new series to be determined by the class. 

Saints Alive

A group of adult parishioners meet Sunday mornings for "Saints Alive" session from 9:45 am to 10:45 am in Parish Room 107b. Utilizing videos and parishioner presentations, the group studies the lives of a variety of Saints.

Bible Study & Mass Readings

A bible study group is held on Tuesday afternoons throughout the year to discuss and study the upcoming Sunday Mass readings. This group meets at 1:00 pm in Parish Room 107b.

St Michael parishioners have the opportunity to view a online Catholic media in the form of  programs, e-books, movies, audio sources for FREE through our parish subscription to  Parishioners can experience several hours of watching, reading, and listening to the best of Catholic content.  By using our Parish Code, parishioners are able to signup online at  to access these inspiring resources.

If you need the Parish Code for our subscription to, contact the parish office at 777-4221. Take advantage of this spiritually-enriching resource today!

 Photos: Adult Faith Formation - Bible Study