The earliest history of a Catholic community in the Mulvane area was largely made up of the mexican people who came to work for the Santa Fe Railroad in the early 1900's. They rode the train to Wichita to attend Mass and occasionally a Franciscan priest would offer mass at the home of Maria Bonilla, or the home of Luis Rico (Cortest).  Other Catholics who lived in the area in the 1920's and 1930's attended Mass at a Mission Church in Derby, which was smaller than the town of Mulvane during this period.


In 1948, Bishop Mark K. Carroll of Wichita was asked to send a priest to Mulvane and responded by sending Father Michael Lies, a newly ordained priest. The First Mass was held at the old City Hall on May 9, 1948 with 107 people attending.  On the same evening,  a meeting was held with 68 people attending and putting into motion plans to purchase property at the 500 block on East Main Street.



The first Catholic church built in Mulvane was dedicated by Bishop Mark K. Carroll on December 12, 1948, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The church was named "St. Michael" in honor of Father Michael Lies, the first pastor. The first rectory was built in 1949, and became the convent building in 1957 which housed the nuns who taught at the Parish School starting in 1957. It was later sold and moved to Pine Street in Mulvane. The opening of the new parish brought more Catholic families to the area, and in 1957 a parochial Catholic school was opened.  A new rectory was added in 1958 at 545 East Main Street.






Plans for the second church began in 1975. The building project was completed and the first Mass was held on February 28, 1979, Ash Wednesday. The second church was dedicated on May 27, 1979 by Bishop David M. Maloney.



The groundbreaking for a the new parish hall, with classrooms, office area, Adoration Chapel and church renovations was on November 25, 2001. The parish center was dedicated on April 13, 2003 by Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Wichita and Rev. James S. Mainzer, Pastor of St Michael  assisting in the service.