Holy Week Preparations

Lots of work going on behind the scenes to prepare the church for Holy Week. Numerous hours are spent in decorating the church, preparing candles, and many many other unseen work that has to be done prior to Services this week. Thank you to all who have helped out in many small ways and many big ways to make Holy Week Services beautiful and inspiring for our Parish.

Living Stations of the Cross Program

Sunday February 28, 2016 - Living Stations of the Cross presented by

7th-8th Grade Faith Formation Class.





Rite of Election with Bishop Kemme

Please pray for our Catechuman and Candidates as they continue their journey in learning about Catholicism. May they embrace fully the beliefs and practices of our Catholic faith.




Planning for Living Stations of Cross

Various 7th and 8th graders are involved in planning the upcoming Living Stations of the Cross. Assigned roles and narrators were picked to be a part of this presentation.





After their class, the group enjoyed fellowship through games.

Lenten Contemplation - Stations of the Cross

7th and 8th grade Youth Faith Formation classes spent time contemplating on the Stations of the Cross. Each youth sat with an volunteer adult advisor to discuss what a station they choose meant to them. Then they each wrote a prayer to Our Lord about the impact it had on them.




Adult Faith Formation -Bible Study

Both the Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday night Adult Bible Study are informative and enlightening. Parishioners enjoy the company of fellow parishioners as they learn more about our great Catholic Faith.

Tuesday afternoon Bible Study leader, Terry Jones.




Wednesday Night Adult Faith Formation

Wednesday night Faith Formation Leader, Frank Mistretta prepares the video stream for the class. The evening class is currently studying Scott Hahn's  "The Bible and the Virgin Mary", which is accessed from the Formed.org website.

K of C Awards and Breakfast - January 31, 2016

Knights of Columbus presented the 2015 Awards to the Knight and Family of the Month, along with other awards during their monthly parish breakfast in January.

Current Grand Knight:  Kevin Collier

Family of the Year:  Frank and Rosemarie Mistretta (not pictured)

 Knight of the Year:  Dr. David Hufford
Family of the Month
January: Chris & Jennifer Wyant May: Gregg & Karen Oblinger September: Ron & Malinda MacKay
February: Randy & Tracey Fox June: Kenny & Donna Copeland October: Brandon & Becky Haroldson
March: Kyle & Marjorie McClellan July: Mike & Carla Coffey November: Frank & Rosemarie Mistretta
April: Larry & Colleen Swayne August: Mark & Patty Vishnefske December: Larry & Debbie Marks

Knight of the Month

January: Roy Mansch May: Dennis Clasen September: Adam Glenn
February: Larry Marks June: Jacob Jacobucci October: Dr. David Hufford
March: Jacob Mansch July: David Bargo November: David Mendoza
April: Mark Vishnefske August: Nick Lette
December: Danny Landis

Years of Service

10 Years
Terry Jones
Allen Landis
Danny Landis (4th degree)

15 Years
David Mendoza
Mike Packard
Kyle Steadman
Curtis Warren

20 Years
Jerry Lazar
Loren Lemer
Mark Woods

25 Years
Gregg Oblinger

30 Years
Tom Clasen
Steve Fry
Tom LaPlant
Jerry Love
Matthew Orsman
Greg Proctor

35 Years
Gary Abel (4th degree)
Frank Baca
John Pulkrabek
Paul Radial

65 Years
Frank Florio


Video shows the current Knights of Columbus standing and being applauded for their service.  (Please know that the video below is hosted by https://www.youtube.com/. St. Michael's Catholic Church is not responsible for any advertisements or follow-up videos which may be offensive or inappropriate.)